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The commitment and duties of the SoIBio Country Delegates are the following:

  • To promote SoIBio activities in his/her country.
  • To keep in touch with academic and professional groups of his/her country to inform about SoIBio.
  • To provide direct help when a SoIBio activity is organized in his/her country.


The names and e-mails of the current  SoIBio Delegates for different countries are:


Argentina (AR) - Rosana Chehin [email protected]

Brasil (BR) - Ana Tereza Vasconcelos [email protected]

Colombia (CO) - Emiliano Barreto [email protected]

Chile (CL) - David Holmes [email protected]

Costa Rica (CR) - Alan Orozco [email protected]

España (ES) - Oswaldo Trelles [email protected]

México (MX) - César Bonavides-Martínez [email protected]

Peru (PE) - Omar Cáceres [email protected]

Portugal (PT) - Pedro Fernandez [email protected]

Uruguay (UY) - Hugo Naya [email protected]

Venezuela (VE) - Raul Isea [email protected]