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Bioinformatics in LA and SoIBio

New interesting ARTICLE on the history of BIOINFORMATICS IN LATIN AMERICA

Published in Briefings in Bioinformatics (2017)

TITLE: "Bioinformatics in Latin America and SoIBio impact, a tale of spin-off and expansion around genomes and protein structures"

by Javier De Las Rivas, Cesar Bonavides-Martínez and Francisco Jose Campos-Laborie



Key Points of the ARTICLE:

– Scientific publications on bioinformatics and computational biology carried out by researchers from 19 LA countries in the past 25 years reveal state of the art of this field in the region.

– Genome studies, proteomics and protein structures have been key topics driving bioinformatics in LA since the 1990s.

– Research on bioinformatics in LA should still develop twice to approach the average world scientific production in the field.

– SoIBio (Iberoamerican Society for Bioinformatics), founded in Mexico in 2009, is a leading forum for LA scientists interested in promoting research, training and education in bioinformatics.

– Three national societies (AB3C in Brazil, A2B2C in Argentina and SC2B2 in Colombia), created in recent years, promote bioinformatics and cooperate actively with SoIBio.